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Educational Institutions

Cleanliness and health foster a better learning environment. Educational spaces need a high standard of cleanliness. That’s why at White Spot Janitorial Services, we offer top-notch cleaning services for educational institutions in Calgary and its surrounding areas. 

The future of our generation deserves only the best! At White Spot Janitorial Services, we focus on meeting your expectations. For us, it’s not just about cleaning; it’s about the genuine care we put into our work.

Cleaning Benefits for
Educational Facilities

Whether it's schools, universities, auditoriums, or educational gathering places, we aim to provide the best cleaning service experience.

Safety First in Cleaning

We prioritise the safety of students and children in our cleaning processes. We choose solutions that are both effective and considerate of your needs. Our cleaning methods use non-toxic and eco-friendly products, setting us apart as the top choice for educational institutions' cleaning services.

Lab Sterilization

Hands-on learning in labs is vital for students. Ensuring their safety in these spaces is crucial. Our skilled team takes great care to thoroughly sterilise and disinfect lab areas. We do this with a commitment to providing the safest environment for our future generations.

Washroom Hygiene and Care

When it comes to bathroom and toilet cleanliness, there's no room for oversight. Educational spaces require rigorous cleaning routines to combat germs, bacteria, and viruses. We prioritise thorough cleaning in educational settings. Our trained and certified team ensures the job is done right.

​Promoting Sanitation

Our certified team understands the importance of making educational spaces among the cleanest. We don't just say it; we show it. This commitment sets us apart as the top educational institutions cleaning service. Our dedicated ground team works tirelessly to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained.

Disinfection and Deep Cleaning

We offer top-notch disinfection cleaning plans. Educational spaces need special attention to ensure areas like lobbies, sports facilities, music rooms, yoga spaces, canteens, and cafeterias are clean. We provide comprehensive solutions for all your cleaning needs. Opt for the best in educational institution cleaning services.

Cafeteria Cleaning and Hygiene

We establish effective cleaning routines for cafeterias, canteens, and lunch areas. Our focus is on smart waste separation and safe disposal, ensuring top hygiene standards are met.

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From commercial offices to healthcare facilities to data centers and more, White Spot Janitorial services a complete range of industries.

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