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Retail, Commercial, Office Spaces

A corporate protocol mandates an environment which is clean and salubrious. Fine micro detailing which accentuates the professional decorum, is actually the key to any official, commercial or social setting. Hence we at White Spot Janitorial Services, step up to provide the best retail, commercial and office cleaning services in Calgary and Chestermere.

Retail, Commercial, Office Spaces Services

Our Retail store cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and office spaces cleaning services are vouched vehemently.

Retail Store Cleaning

They say businesses don’t wait. We acknowledge this too. Retail stores need a critical eye, which takes acute care of each fundamental directive, desired by the owner. Hence we at White Spot Janitorial Services, provide the best retail store cleaning services in Calgary and Chestermere.

Flexible With Your Retail Schedules

We realize that retail schedules are staggered hence at White Spot Janitorial Services, we offer flexible hours as per your needs.


Get your service regimes customized as per your store’s requirement and needs.


Our staff values the seal of trust. Hence we believe that your service is strictly our prerogative to match your expectations.

Responsive To Requirements

Retail cleaning services range from a wide array of service requirements, from office window cleaning to warehouse cleaning. Choose from the best in Calgary and Chestermere.

Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to industrial and commercial cleaning, White Spot Janitorial Services knows the operation! Offering you customized and responsive cleaning service whether its commercial window cleaning, commercial disinfection or commercial carpet cleaning, we know what works in conjunction with all the commercial parameters. Choosing from the best commercial cleaning in services in Calgary and Chestermere has its own perks.

Industrial Expertise

Our certified team of experts value their cleaning schedules. Our more than three decade experience in the cleaning industry speaks volumes.

Communicative and Attentive Staff

We truly believe in the power of amicable communication. Hence choose the best commercial cleaning in services in Calgary and Chestermere.

Certified Experts

Our staff stands true to their merit. Their expertise stems from veritable learning and industrial experience.

Office Cleaning Services

We cannot afford to be the second best version. Can we? At White Spot Janitorial Services, we leave no stone unturned to let you be the best. Professional gentility calls for a sleek office environment. Hailed as the best office cleaning service in Calgary and Chestermere, we assay our cleaning operations in an uncompromised demeanor.

Professional Etiquette

Our certified staff understands the professional demeanor.

Certitude of Trust

Our merit stands upon the seal of your trust. Hence we offer the best office cleaning in services in Calgary and Chestermere, to evince the same.

Valuing Your Time As An Asset

Your time is our asset in no uncertain terms.

Slick Cleaning

Office spaces cleaning require the furnishing of deep cleaning in an uncompromised way. Hence we deliver it to let your space be in the best version of itself.

Amicable Staff

We have always believed that communication is the key. Hence our staff strives everyday to understand your vision to match your very expectations.

Covering Your Industry

From commercial offices to healthcare facilities to data centers and more, White Spot Janitorial services a complete range of industries.

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